Prom day at Cox high School


Unexpected client today. Luckily i had availability this morning.;) her dad set up everything by phone. Who came in all dressed up with his striking “Michigan shirt and ball cap!” Gooooo blueeeeee!!!!
Totally made my day! And so as my husband. I even ask the dad”did you hire me because I’m a Michigan fan?” He just laughed.
Jackie, came in and got her makeup for her prom. It was meant to be,come to find out her mom is “corey” a co artist as well who I worked with at Macy’s greenbrier. What a Small world! I actually met the entire family two years ago when I bumped into Corey during the Detroit red wings playoffs in Tennessee. I remember seeing Jackie seating beside her sister that day. 😉
Her lashes are from Red Cherries #1 which is my ultimate go to lashes.

Jackie left smiling and happy. Im glad the makeup look we end up was elegant and timeless that i know she will cherish forever….