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  • Natural vs. Dramatic Makeup

  • Honestly, nothing is natural when it comes to makeup. Clients must prepare themselves to be transformed. They come to their appointments thinking those Pinterest photos they've collected look natural.  Editing and Photoshop can be good and bad.   It takes many steps to achieve the look you want.[...]
  • Murfreesboro,Tennessee Makeup Artist: Prom 2014

  • My two favorite Cape Henry girls are back! With revenge!!!! They look soooo beautiful. I haven't seen these two for a year but when I first saw them it seems like it was just yesterday. We got to catch up, Talked about our families and future careers. This is Zoe! She's been in m[...]
  • Makeup class for Cox High School

  • Another great opportunity for my part was being asked to teach a class at one of the best Schools in Virginia beach which is "Cox High School". Every time i teach a class the experience I gain, virtually transforms my personal level of confidence into a higher gear.I get to actually learn from the [...]
  • Prom day at Cox high School

  • Unexpected client today. Luckily i had availability this morning.;) her dad set up everything by phone. Who came in all dressed up with his striking "Michigan shirt and ball cap!" Gooooo blueeeeee!!!! Totally made my day! And so as my husband. I even ask the dad"did you hire me because I'm a Michig[...]