Theresa Little Makeup Artist will be in Tennessee by JUNE,2014

Hello Tennessee!!!!

Theresa Little Makeup Artistry is officially coming to town. I hope you will welcome me with open arms! As I fear for my own future but I have high hopes that Tennessee will embrace me like Hampton,Virginia did.

The fear of starting again and trying to put my name out there is going to be a hard work but I know that I have my family behind me. My husband will be stationed in Milling-ton while I pursue my career in Nashville.

I wont have my studio for awhile but since I started as a On-location Artist Id be happy to come to you.

I’m now accepting Inquiries for Weddings,Prom, Birthdays and any special Occassions you are having. Although trial runs will be held between Dec Or January,2014.

Promotions for Trial Run are 50% off!
and additional 10% off same day signing Contract.