Melissa’s Wedding day May 26,2013


I had a very busy weekend and ending it with the beautiful Melissa makes it complete. I have been in communication with her for awhile now. We didnt get the chance to do the trial run but amazingly on the day of the wedding the picture she showed me is one of my previous work. My heart melted instantly because it’s an honor to any artist that your work is being admired.
As i continuously work on her makeup. I noticed her left eye was tearing up due to the lashes while the right eye is perfectly fine. Every once in awhile i would meet clients who has allergies or have sensitive eyes.Situations like it is great to have blot film and waterproof concealers. I made sure also to give extra touch up kits for the bride to use for the entire party.

I made sure her makeup is also appropriate for her theme. “taupe eye shadow” to match her belt and bridesmaids dress and i finished it with Diamond pigment gold sparkles.
while her Lip color is a soft Pinkish Coral.

I Cant wait to see all her wedding pictures…
Best wishes and Congratulations to JOHN and MELISSA!