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  • The Beautiful Ashley

  • The first time I saw this lady I knew then and there she would be a great model for this new  makeup technique I have added on my skills.  Luckily, an opportunity came knocking and I took it. Before and After Her eye color just pop! Did I mention this lady has four kids? wha[...]
  • Khaki Ball 2016

  • With the beautiful Mallory for her First Khaki Ball Gorgeous! she pulled that red lipstick beautifully! Thanks Mallory for letting me be part of this special Occasion and above all allowing me to have freedom to do what i have to do. Everyone knows you do not want to limit your artists cr[...]
  • Chiefs Pinning, Khaki Ball and Family Portraits 2016

  • Oliece aka "Nicole" is one of the reasons why I went back in doing makeup again. Living next door to me and noticing my previous work. She made it happen by putting my name out there. Honestly, she has helped me get back on my feet. Moving here in Memphis made me almost quite the business. But i [...]
  • My life in Memphis, Tennessee

  • My family relocated to Memphis since 2015 and my life as a makeup artist had to slow down for awhile. My focus was solely to my family and studies. But I'm here to stay and I will start posting,sharing my most recent work. Hoping you will all like them.