Why You Need A Professional Makeup Artist On Your Special Event

As girls, we have a lot of special events in our lives like proms and of course, weddings. But in this tough economy we ask ourselves, do we really need one or is it a luxury we can do without, since this is the age of technology and photographers utilize editing software such as photoshop?

When contemplating on this, ask yourself:

1) Photographers literally take hundreds of pictures. Do you honestly think he or she will take the time to edit your face on each one of them? Who has the time to erase each blemish or clone out dark circle?
2) Do you know how to minimize your flaws (dark circles, redness, pimple scar, eyebags, fine lines, etc.) and get a very flawless, high coverage look while still looking natural (or feel) ?
3) Do you know the best products that compliment your skin tone as well as your hair color?
4) Do you know the proper intensity (how much, how little) and the best products to use so the make up stay on your face and you look fresh throughout the event?
5) Do you know how to give emphasis to your facial assets? Do you know how to apply your bridal makeup to bring out your best features in order to get the results you want in your photos?

Your face will be immortalized on photographs which not only this generation will enjoy but the coming generations as well.So, if you answer ,“No” to any of the aforementioned questions, a professional Make Up Artist is indeed an essential addition to your event. Compared to the amount of money spent on your wedding, a MUA fee is really only pennies.
You only get married once, you want to look at the pictures 10 years from now without any regrets,consider it as an investment.

Next,the first thing everyone looks at you from a far is your 1)wedding dress. then the following glance they will give you is on to your 2)”face” and then lastly your 3)hair.

YOu might want to consider “Gift certificate” another option if your budget is really low and you can add it towards your bridal registry.Maybe one of your guest would like to pamper you on your wedding day!

So I suggest you don’t skimp on this. Make up application only takes about an hour of your day. Sit back, relax, get pampered, take a few breaths, enjoy and feel confident. We’ll do the rest and you’ll feel your best !

***Special Thanks to Ms. Cristina Nash***