Tattoo Concealer That Is Waterproof, Smudgeproof, And Would Last Up To Three Days

I’m enjoying the never ending process of adding skills to my repertoire. After taking classes and earning a certificate of advanced skills, I can now offer tattoo covering! Tattoo covering is perfect for both weddings and photo shoots, and it will last for three days. This new method is very exciting because now you won’t have to worry about body makeup transferring onto clothes and fabrics.

Although certain areas, like the neck and back which is prone to sweat. The application must be done the day of the event. I personally tested it and it only last for a day and a half. While low contact areas like the arm/chest/legs can be done the day before your special event. The Concealer can last up to three days!

This is a fool-proof way of covering tattoos for any occasion and is only removed by using 75% alcohol.

*Prices varies on size and how colorful the tattoo is.The application can take up to one full hour.



Written by: Mackenzie Brown