Nashville Makeup Artist: Submarine Ball 2014

I have been looking forward to write this blog. There’s something about this ladies that I intend to tell the story.
One day the owner of Exposed Moxie
Emailed me and asked if Im available to work on her friend/neighbor for a special event on April12,2014. My response was “yay!” Ofcourse!.well, Jennifer and I had only worked on one project and didn’t get the chance to actually hung out after the shoot. This is a great way to see her again aside from our random Facebook conversations.

So, as the weeks passed I had another inquiry for the same date and time. I had to turn down “alice” But typical me i offered to help find another artist for her. But it happens that the artist had a family emergency and we ended up still working together.

When the day finally came The two appt. I have on my books appears to be heading to the same party which is the submarine ball at Founders Inn. Shocking! Small world! Two stranger intertwined in one house.