Makeup class “All about the eyes!”
April 6,2014

Tickets:$35.00 per person
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Thank you for your interest in Theresa little makeup artistry class. This is your first step closer to perfecting your makeup skills. Your journey will be fun and full of new techniques that will make your makeup application easy and worth trying.

First, I require my students to be open minded. I need you to consider this class as an investment. Theresa little will make sure you will take home a basic face chart that has the names of the products that has been used on you and not only that she will be checking in on your progress!

How many Makeup class should i take?
Depending on the students skill level and ofcourse we take consideration with your budget. Let the artist know what you want to learn from this class.this way the artist can put extra time on explaining every detail and make sure you have all the tools needed to make this class successful.
-For makeup artist- certification are provided after 6 classes.
-For airbrush application- artist requires you to bring your airbrush machine and foundations.

Can I bring my makeup kit?
Definitely! It’s a must. The artist wants to see what you already have and will inform you what other products you need to invest on.

When will I see improvement on my makeup skills?
Depends on the student. Artist prefer you to use the skills you have learned from the class vigorously, so this way you get used to it and make it as a daily routine. Just expect that the first few days of trying it on your own,that the process will be a bit difficult ” practices makes it perfect!” And please don’t hesitate to inform the artist right away if you have certain areas that is making it impossible for you to do the task.

Where are we doing the class?
At the Hype Events in Murfreesboro, Tn.

The basic class is 1 full ” fun ” hour and it is $75.00. And the artist will make sure you go home completely beautified!!!(1 topic)

2 hour class $150 (2 topic)

Pick topic:
All about your eyes – eye shadow blending, eye liner
Bringing out your features-Highlight and contour
eyelash application
Eyebrows definition