When you think of “Boudoir” The first thing that comes in my mind is sexy and full of intensity.  A women shows her private moment in front of a camera. The freedom to express herself, screams confidence.  I dedicated my craft to focus on making sure that every person on my chair, that I’m working with has enveloped the acceptance of how beautiful they are.  Makeup is one of the basic key factors of a successful Boudoir session.

Finding a fantastic makeup artist is a challenge – and finding a great makeup artist who is also professional, always on time and makes my clients feel like they’ve made a great friend is even harder. Theresa manages to make everyone feel and look amazing and all while doing it in the kindest and most professional way. I don’t know what I’d do without her!

Theresa’s makeup artistry is first rate. She uses the best products and applies them with expertise. I have clients of all ages and skin tones and Theresa works magic on everyone. I never have to worry about her experience or comfort working with different types of clients. I so appreciate that Theresa also provides the absolute best service to my clients. If they want to make an adjustment to the makeup she pleasantly works with them to do so and never bats an eye. She’s a true professional.

My clients love working with Theresa because she’s flexible and truly creates a look that’s unique to their own style and personality. Theresa knows not only makeup but how to work with people to feel comfortable wearing makeup – walking them through how to get used to what is often their first time having their makeup done professionally. She’s skilled at working with women who want a full face of makeup with a smokey eye to women who want a more natural look.

I think it is just as important for a makeup artist to really connect with her clients and Theresa does just that. She’s sweet, warm and friendly – you can’t not like her! She makes my clients immediately feel comfortable and confident in her hands. That comfort and confidence translates into a better photoshoot every time because they’ve had such a great experience in the makeup chair.

— Amy Sandoval Photography / Curves Boudoir Photography®